Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reader Question: Organizing the Adult Toys

box for adult toys

This post won't be for everyone - but don't worry, I'm not going to include any pictures that might offend anyone. (And the clickable links all take you to non-offensive pages, too.) But I swear this was a real question I got recently, and I thought it was worth an answer.

The authors at have this good advice about whatever storage product you use: Rule Number One: Keep it in Reach of the Bed. We always want to store frequently-used items near where they will be used, and the adult toys are no exception.

You certainly don't need any specifically-for-the-toys storage. Many readers at use a simple shoe box, often kept under the bed. And for those not offended by pictures of such toys, take a look at (But change the vowel in the word six - I'm trying to make sure this post gets through to those receiving it by e-mail.) The author shows how various organizing products - a tool belt, tackle box, and more - can be used for the toys. Depending on your sense of humor, you might find this hilarious - especially the spice rack.

But if you want something specifically for the toys, there are some nice products that don't scream "adult toys in here!" For example, see the adult toy box at the top of this post - and note the lock. This is one of the many options at DevineToys.

jewelry box for adult toys

Another fine option are the products from ToiBocks. There's a "jewelry box" which has an upper tray - which only lifts out (to allow access to the toys) if you know the secret to the hidden lock mechanism. Update on Dec. 22, 2013: ToiBocks is no longer in business, but some sites may still have its products for sale.

tissue box with hidden storage for adult toys

And there's also the "tissue box" shown above - with no lock, but who would think that this is actually a storage container?

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The Thrifty Stylist said...

ingenious! love that tissue box. i've always been a fan of things with hidden compartments like those fake books for valuables. you've just made me realize that while my kiddo may not be nosy quite yet, adolescence is upon us and it WILL happen! thanks :)

Lorie Marrero said...

Wow, Jeri, I can't believe you pulled it off actually writing this post without "going there"-- you did an amazing job! Didn't we dare you to write this on Twitter? :) LOL!

- Lorie

Claire Josefine said...

Along a similar vein, I had a client who, after an ugly divorce, decided to purge all her adult-related items, of which there were a lot. We filled my Honda Accord with her cast offs. My problem became how to keep them out of the landfill. I asked for guidance at the local sensuality shop, and they gave me the email contact for the local polyamory community. She and I made a handoff at a mall parking lot, then she distributed the many toys and clothes to her community. All were happy, and now I know how to handle the situation if it ever arises again.

Sharon Lowenheim | Organizing Goddess said...

These are great! I have been in several potentially embarrassing situations when organizing clients' bedrooms. I'll be sure to recommend some of these next time it comes up.

Jeri Dansky said...

Claire, thanks for the story! Some companies also take back their products for recycling; here's one example.

Thrifty Stylist and Sharon: I'm glad I was able to point you to some products that might be useful.

Lorie, this one was an interesting writing challenge!

Cynthia Friedlob said...

It should be interesting for you to check in with whatever statistics program you use to see who visits your blog because, in spite of your delicate writing of this unusual post, you may discover that you're suddenly getting hits from people searching for anything related to adult toys!

To my chagrin, the second most popular post on The Thoughtful Consumer blog is called Selling a Sexy Halloween to Little Girls. It deals with the influence of advertising on what I consider to be inappropriate, provocative costumes for kids. But I'm always shocked by the number of hits that post gets from Google searches for phrases like "sexy little girls" and "sexy little girls in costumes." Good grief.

Shows the power of a title in Google's search engine!

Christine Simiriglia said...

Pretty brilliant post... I would not have been able to do this without "going there". I like the products. I may buy one or two!!! Every organizing junkie needs a place to put her toys.

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia, I'll certainly be checking my Google Analytics to see what shows up.

Christine, I'm so glad to know you liked the post. Thanks for becoming a commenter; now I'm following you (@Organize_More) on Twitter, and reading your blog.

Janet Barclay said...

All brilliant product ideas - and clever you to have found them!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks, Janet! I continue to be amazed at the huge range of organizing-related products out there - far beyond what you'll find at The Container Store or Office Depot.