Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping Your Files Out in Plain View

wire file cart

File cabinets are wonderful tools - but some folks work better with having their files more visible. If a desktop file isn't sufficient, you can look at file carts.

These carts aren't usually the prettiest things around, but they can sure be functional. The cart shown above is a basic wire filing cart from Safco.

2-tier wire file cart

And here's a different style of wire file cart, also from Safco. The company also makes steel filing carts.

file cart

The Vertiflex Smartworx file cart provides another different look.

file caddy

This file caddy comes from Sauder's Studio RTA line. Update on May 20, 2014: I'm no longer finding this product.

file caddy

And this is another Studio RTA file caddy.

elfa file cart

If you like elfa's mesh look, the elfa file cart might be right for you.

And yet more file carts can be found from Smead and Rubbermaid.

mail cart

And if none of these are quite what you want, take a look at the products called mail carts. This is a Scoot mail cart from Safco - there's a larger size available, too. You could also check out the mail carts from Fellowes.

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Claire Josefine said...

Thanks for these. As you know, most of my clients are ADD and very out-of-sight-out-of-mind. We don't have many choices for open filing systems up here in Humboldt.

I would caution against the Studio carts because they are open on the sides, which means papers are more likely to slip out the sides. But then, no system is necessarily perfect. One of my dearest clients has an open filing cart, but then doesn't use it because she's covered it with a cloth and piles papers on top of it! As I've said many times, the best system in the world won't work if we don't use it, and sometimes we need to practice awareness so that we can learn new behavior that supports our being organized.

Claire Josefine
author of The Spiritual Art of Being Organized,
Earth-Friendly Organizing, and
Following Raven, Finding Ground: A Road Trip in Search of Home
Founder and moderator of the Simple and Sustainable Organizers Yahoo! group

Jeri Dansky said...

Good point on the Studio carts, Claire! I got taken in by the looks, and neglected that functionality issue!