Sunday, July 5, 2009

Variations on a Theme: 9 Wire and Metal Fruit Baskets

French wire fruit basket / bowl

The lovely basket above comes from Pierre Deux, and the store has a few other nice options, too. But if these aren't to your taste, there are many more to choose from. Update on Jan. 2, 2013: Pierre Deux has gone out of business.

hanging wire baskets with fruit, onions, etc.

RSVP makes the classic hanging baskets - for fruit or numerous other things.

two-tier fruit basket

This nice two-tier fruit basket comes from Crate and Barrel.

3-tier wire basket

Smith & Hawken also sells a tiered wire basket. Update on July 10, 2009: Smith & Hawken is going out of business, and is no longer taking internet orders - so the original link to this product no longer works. You may still be able to buy products at the stores.

basket with oranges

This basket comes from Blomus.

red wire basket

At the MoMA Store, you can get this Alessi wire basket (or a round yellow one) - an old design being reintroduced, only through MoMA. [via A Girl and Her Kitchen Table]

wire fruit / egg basket - with apples

This lovely wire fruit/egg basket comes from Moorhouse Trading.

fruit basket

Metal workers have also created some very nice fruit baskets. This one comes from Maine Iron Works.

metal fruit basket

And this fruit basket comes from the Metal Studio.

shopping cart (trolley) shaped fruit basket

And finally, because I'm a sucker for certain kinds of cute, I'll leave you with this fruit basket, sold by Dwell.


Cynthia Friedlob said...

Love wired baskets for fruit storage -- keeps air circulating while things ripen.

Back in my days in an old apartment, I used to have the classic tiered hanging basket filled with boxes of tea.

Wire baskets are also easy to clean, a big plus in my book.

And the little shopping cart is cute!

Jeri Dansky said...

I like the easy-to-clean aspect too, Cynthia.