Friday, July 24, 2009

One Person's Favorite Storage: Tins

tin storing bobbins

While beautiful boxes are a nice storage solution for some, photographer and author Surrey Blackburn - who lives in Pacifica, California - prefers using tins, because:
- They don't get mouldy in our damp coastal environment.
- They don't cave in on the top.
- They can remind you fondly of their original contents.

Christmas tin with cookie cutters

She also notes that Christmas tins are great for storing Christmas lights, cards, stickers, and cookie cutters.

tin that held chocolate now holds picture hangers

Surrey kindly sent me photos of her tins; these are just three of the twelve.

Anyone else have some favorite storage you'd like to share? Send me an e-mail and include some photos.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeri. You hit on my vice - tins! Ironically, years ago, I wanted to organize my pantry and, copying a collection my grandmother had, I started collecting tins for items that would match their contents - crackers in a Saltine tin, dry soup packets in a Campbell's tin, cereal in a Frosted Flakes tin, rice in an Uncle Ben's tin. It would make the pantry prettier than a bunch of plastic containers. However, I loved the idea...too much. My plan for organization turned to obsession. I hunted on eBay and ended up with 100's of tins in various themes, sizes, colors, conditions. Advertising tins are my favorites. I am still crawling out from under my manic moment. Now, I'm constantly trying to sell, give away or properly display my tins. Still, I had to check out the tin sites you mentioned. I just love them! Fortunately, I didn't buy. I have no more room!


Jeri Dansky said...

Geri, thanks so much for sharing your experiences! And congratulations for realizing that with a collection, more is not always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

just recently found your blog....I really could use organizing tips/encouragement found here. thanks!

anyway, regarding tins. I like them for the reasons you've given. But for me they have 2 drawbacks - 1. can't see what's inside, so I need to label them, need to get a new label maker so it's done neatly and 2. unless they are scattered on the shelf, round containers waste a lot of space, square-cornered containers pack much closer together. Square tins don't seem to be as common.

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I agree with your points. Round containers of any sort don't make use of space as well as square or rectangular containers. Some people have enough space to have that not be an issue; for others, it's a much bigger deal.

And yes - unless the design of the tin provides an obvious reminder as to what's stored inside, I'd usually recommend labeling the tins.