Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Organizing the Recipes: Easy to Elaborate Approaches

recipe divider organizer

You have a recipe collection to organize, you want to keep your paper recipes - but recipe boxes don't appeal to you. I've noted a number of options before (here and here) but it's been a while, and of course I've found some nice new products. One of my favorites is the Back to Basics Recipe Divider Organizer, from Meadowsweet Kitchens.

Recipe Nest, open

The Recipe Nest from Recipe Relish follows a similar approach, with a more elaborate product.

recipe journal with binder rings

Corban & Blair, in Australia, has some interesting recipe journals bound with binder rings. These have blank pages where you can write your recipes (or paste them in), a few plastic sleeves to store clippings, and dividers to organise recipe sections. They come in two different sizes.

recipe book

Another recipe book with binder rings comes from Beth Bee Books.

recipe notebook

And this recipe notebook is a 2-ring binder. Update on Feb. 15, 2010: I'm no longer seeing the recipe notebook shown above, but the same publisher has another one.

Other places offering binder-style recipe journals are C.R. Gibson, Bottman Designs, and Williams-Sonoma. Check to see what they come with (blank pages, recipe pockets, magnetic pages, etc.) to see if they'll fit your needs.

fig recipe journal

And then there are the bound recipe journals. I wouldn't normally feature one like this, which can be found all over - but the cover picture is so lovely I couldn't resist. There seems to be a fig version (see here and here), a lemon version (see here and here), and a pear version (see here, here and here.) Note: Those links include sites in the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

recipe scrapbook

And then there's a the whole world of recipe scrapbooking, and the places that sell supplies for that. Some people (like Amanda) are really into this, and the results can be stunning. [photo by kellik, licensed under Creative Commons.]


Christy said...

I got a sweet photo book with plastic pages that has inserts for 4x6 photos.

Everything fits in the pockets - folded detailed recipes from the 'net down to recipe cards. And I have them organized into categories with tabs - appetizers, Christmas, Easter, suppers etc.

karen(karooch from scraps of mind) said...

This is a great article Jeri. Thank you for linking to me. I've given this a thumbs up on StumbleUpon.

Jeri Dansky said...

Christy, photo albums can be a great solutions - and there are so many nice ones to choose from. (Watch out for the ones with PVC, though; see my post on archival storage.

Karen, I was delighted to find Scraps of Mind; I've subscribed to your blog.

Anonymous said...

love to create my own vegetable cooking recipe

Sara said...

simple, low cost, ever-expandable -any three ring binder(s)+tab dividers+8.5X11plastic sleeve inserts.
I use one binder per topic, download and print recipes from internet, xerox from cookbooks,and also slip in cherished hand written ones from my grandmother and others. Pages pop out for cooking, and wipe clean.
One binder has been dedicated to "Family Favorites."
When the boys went off to college, a copy of "Family Favorites" was the first request for something from home.