Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Valentine's Day 2009: More Heart-Shaped Boxes

heart shaped fabric-covered box

Want some seasonally-themed storage? Last year's collection of heart-shaped boxes is still looking good - but of course I've found some more in the past year. The lovely fabric-covered box above comes from Pandora's boxes.

pottery - heart shaped box with flowers;

This one comes from the Portmeirion Pottery Botanic Garden Gift Collection. Update on Feb. 10, 2011: I'm no longer finding this on the Portmeirion web site.

blue Wedgewood heart shaped box

This heart-shaped box is Wedgewood, of course - available through either Wedgewood itself or through Amazon.com, with different scenes. There's also a larger version, also available from either Wedgewood or Amazon.com. Update on Feb. 8, 2013: I'm no longer seeing the smaller box anywhere, and the larger one is showing as out of stock.

heart shaped box - Polish pottery

A number of options come to us from Poland. You can get Polish pottery heart-shaped boxes here or here.

wooden heart shaped box from Poland

And this wooden box comes from Poland, too.

Marie-Antoinette heart shaped box

And then there's this Marie-Antoinette heart-shaped box, courtesy of the Château de Versailles. Update on Feb. 5, 2012: I'm no longer seeing this box for sale.

raku heart shaped box

And coming back to the USA, this raku box is made in Kansas.

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