Sunday, February 22, 2009

Space-Saving Idea: Fold-Out Pantries

pivot-out pantry

I've known about roll-out pantries for quite a while - but I just learned about fold-out pantries today! A few companies make them; this is one of the pivot-out pantry systems from Rev-A-Shelf.

swing-out pantry

You can get swing out kits from American Woodmark at Home Depot.

chef's pantry system

This is just one of the products in the chef's pantry system from Omega International.

pantry swing shelves

Hoffco makes these pantry swing shelves.

swing shelves

I don't know who makes these swing shelves sold by Rockler.

1 comment:

Fia said...

Great ideas for kitchen storage solutions! I especially love the fold-out pantries. I think having those will make my kitchen tidier and more organized. I gotta have one soon.