Friday, April 4, 2008

File Folders: Four More Eye-Catching Alternatives

file folder with fanciful design - flowers and more

Just when I think I'm done with this subject, along come some more!

Ecojot mostly makes journals, notebooks and sketchbooks - the paper content on all of these is 100% post consumer. But they also have a few file folders. Unfortunately, there are no on-line vendors who sell the folders, but there are a number of stores that sell them - mostly in the U.S. and Canada, but a few elsewhere. Ecojot's (very annoying) web site has a list of vendors. Update on Sept. 19, 2011: I'm no longer finding file folders on the Ecojot web site.

file folder with clover design

has some nice file folders, and no wonder; the company "was founded in 1979 to work with museums to make their imagery widely available in the form of well-designed and manufactured paper products."

file folder with picture of woman and the word just file it under who cares?

I've seen other Anne Taintor designs, but I didn't realize they also came on file folders. You can also buy them at The Library Shop. Update on Sept. 19, 2011: It seems Anne Taintor no longer makes file folders.

Fleetwood Mac album cover file folder

And over on Etsy, you can get handcut vintage album cover file folders. Update on Oct. 8, 2012: The site that sold these seems to be out of business.

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