Friday, April 25, 2008

Decorative Storage: Buckets and Pails

flowered pail

Inspired by organizer Aby Garvey's love of buckets - and organizer Suzanne Babb's enthusiasm, and Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil's endorsement - I decided to see what was available, beyond the basics.

Aby and Suzanne both pointed me to the wonderful Good Pails to Have, which you can also see on Etsy - that's one of theirs above. But there are other options.

copper colored pail

Bucket Outlet has solid color pails in a range of colors, holiday-themed pails, and other decorated pails. [via Apartment Therapy]

pastel blue and pink buckets

Here are some more solid color buckets, from the U.K.

pink and white bucket filled with lemons

The MacBeth Collection has buckets in a range of sizes and patterns.

white bucket, says laundry

Some buckets announce their purpose.

bucket with lid; painted with picture of birds

And some are intended for a specific purpose - such as this bird seed bucket - but could certainly be used in other ways.

colorful pail storing honey, labeled Le Grand Miel

You could get honey in a pail, and then use the pail for other things when the honey was gone.

bucket with fairies, perched on 2 other buckets

It's not surprising that there are some decorated pails over on Etsy. This one comes from cupcakes4breakfast.

flowered bucket holding toilet paper rolls

And this one comes form Etsy seller brodyandma.

John Deere bucket

For something totally different, how about a John Deere pail?

bucket with Florida Gators emblem

You can get pails with the logo of your favorite sports team; for those who don't recognize it, this one is the Florida Gators.

yellow happy face pail

And let's end with this one and a smile.

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Aby said...

Great post, Jeri! Glad I helped inspire your bucket quest. ;) Pottery Barn has some fun, new fabric decoupaged buckets, too.

Did you happen to come across any small, square galvanized containers in your search? I know someone who is looking for some about 4" square. I couldn't find any...but thought maybe you did.

Thanks, Jeri! It was so fun meeting you in Reno, by the way!


Jeri Dansky said...

Aby, it was great to meet you, too!

I thought Pottery Barn had some buckets, but I don't see them on their web site.

Amazon lists some small square galvanized containers, but there's no photo, which is very irritating. But Areo has some, too, and they do have pictures.