Thursday, April 24, 2008

15 Kitchen Utensil Holders: Classic to Kitsch

bamboo utensil holder with wooden spoons and a wooden fork in it

Anyone who cooks much is likely to have a utensil holder sitting out with frequently used items such as wooden spoons. The options here are huge - let's look at just a few.

1. The utensil holder above is made from 100% certified organic bamboo.

white and red stoneware utensil holders; white one holds spatulas

2. This utensil holder from Le Creuset is a classic. Anther option along the same lines would be the Emile Henry utensil holder, in a range of colors).

stainless steel utensil holder with spoons, spatula, whisk

3. Another common look is stainless steel, nicely represented by this stainless steel utensil holder from simple human.

white enamel utensil holder, says kitchen utensils on it, holding scrub brushes

4. Enamel provides another classic look. Update of Feb. 22, 2012: I'm no longer finding this one.

chef rooster ceramic utensil holder

5. Too boring? The kitschy options are numerous - this was one of my favorites. Update on Feb. 22, 2012: I can no longer find this one, either.

white utensil holder, says everything but the kitchen sink

6. OK, maybe that last one was a bit over the top. Here's a nice option from the U.K. - other versions say "kitchen sink drams" and "stuff and nonsense."

blue and white utensil holder, landscape picture; says utensils

7. This utensil holder is made by Spode.

copper utensil jar with whisks and more

8.Here's a lovely copper utensil jar.

soapstone utensil jar holding wooden spoons, etc.

9. And here's a beautiful one made from soapstone.

marble utensil holder with a couple things inside

10. Marble is another option, shown above - and Corian is an option, too.

red utensil jar - says utensils

11. Here's a simple utensil jar, made from enameled steel.

cermaic utensilholder with rooster and more

12. And here's one from Deruta, Italy that's not simple at all. Seven patterns are available.

utensil holder, patterend, says cubiertos

13. This utensil holder was hand-painted in Spain.

Pot à ustensiles

14. This is a pot à ustensiles from France. Update on Feb. 22, 2012: I'm no longer finding this product.

wood utensil holder shaped like a dog

15. And let's end with one more unusual one, that made me smile; this dog was handcrafted in Canada. Cat and duck options are also available.


Anonymous said...

I love all these ideas, Jeri. I currently use a ceramic "cache pot" or decorative flower pot, that has straight sides. It's slightly bigger than the average cylinder sold as a utensil holder, and I have a few more than the average number of utensils. thanks for the great collection! Margaret Lukens, New Leaf + Company

Jeri Dansky said...

Margaret, I use an oversized mug I bought at a crafts fair - the front is shaped liked the face of Gandhi. That sounds weird, but it's actually a great piece. I'll include a picture in another post - if you send me a picture of yours, I'll include it, too!