Monday, February 12, 2007

Time Management Wisdom from Brazen Careerist

One of the blogs I read regularly is Brazen Careerist, written by Penelope Trunk. Her last couple columns have included points worth repeating.

On February 12: "A lot of people send emails to me to ask about issues related to marriage. Mostly because people who have a career and young kids don’t really have time for the marriage. And they think that because I have career advice I have marriage advice. And I do, sort of: It’s very hard to do kids, career and marriage. And be on guard that often the easiest thing to let go is the marriage."

On February 11: "Many adults don’t get enough sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the problem particularly 'acute' among younger workers: one in three struggle to get out of bed each morning. . . . Those who get fewer than six hours of sleep a night might as well be drunk."

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