Thursday, February 22, 2007

Managing the Magazines

magazine rack

There sure are some beautiful magazine racks out there. Besides the lovely Antoinette Magazine Rack shown above, here are some others worth a peek:

- The Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Magazine Rack
- The Folding Magazine Rack from Gumps
- The News Magazine Rack from Chiasso (via Uncrate)

But before you focus on storage, I'd recommend focusing on how many magazines and newspapers come into your home and/or office, and if you're getting too many. A number of people have written about this in the not-so-distant past - and many of them happen to mention The New Yorker.

Jessa at Bookslut says, "I should admit to myself that I am never going to catch up on my back log of New Yorkers and just throw the damn fire hazards out."

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly talks about subscribing to numerous magazines because he got such a good price, only to find that the little bits add up, and "Basically, I’m paying $150/year for the added mental stress of having too many magazines around the house." (But he does like his New Yorker subscription.)

Alan Olifson at The Boston Phoenix also has a collection of unread New Yorkers.

I understand - I got tempted by a really good price on The New Yorker myself. But I also realized I just didn't have time to add another weekly magazine to my reading pile. I asked myself, "Would getting this magazine move me in the direction of achieving any of my lifetime goals?" - and realized that the answer was no; rather, it would take time away from things that really matter to me.

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