Thursday, February 15, 2007

MeBox - available at Design Within Reach

MeBox - cardboard storage box with dots to punch out to form letters, numbers, etc.

I first heard about the MeBox from Fine Living, quite some time ago.

It seemed like very neat product - cardboard storage boxes (in a variety of silk-screened colors) with a grid of perforated discs you punch out to from letters, numbers, designs, etc. However, finding it in the U.S. seemed to be a problem. (It was designed in London by Graphic Thought Facility.)

But today I got an e-mail from Design Within Reach - and they now carry the MeBox. There are a few stores not too far from me - when I'm next in their area, I'll have to go see if they seem as cool in person as they do on the internet.

Update on July 12, 2009: These are no longer available at Design Within Reach. Sigh.


John Trosko said...


These are great. How do you find out about all this stuff? You amaze me!

- John

Jeri said...


I'll keep trying to amaze you - that's a fun challenge, since you're no slouch yourself. OrganizingLA is a great blog!