Sunday, February 25, 2007

Desk Tidy - A Product, Not a Dream

desk tidy - also known as desk orgznizer

Until yesterday, I'd never heard of a desk tidy. It seems to be a British term - in the USA, we'd call it a desk organizer.

Of course, they come in a huge variety of styles. Any office supply store will have some basic ones, but they can get much more interesting - and much more expensive.

The one shown above is the Glacier desk tidy in fruitwood.

Here are some more desk tidies:
- A plastic one from Magis
- A leather one from Smythson

And some desk organizers:
- The Spin Doctor desk organizer from Levenger.
- The Bomber Jacket Unifier desk organizer, also from Levenger

Update on June 20, 2012: Many of these products are no longer available, and the links have been removed.

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