Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Enough Closet Space? Garment Racks to the Rescue!

garment racks, two sizes

If you need more room for your clothes than your closets provide, you can compensate with hooks, coat stands, wardrobes or garment racks. Today, let’s look at garment racks, also sometimes called garment rails. The ones above come from Normann Copenhagen; you can see the two sizes, and they come in gray or white. It’s also sold by [via Remodelista]

garment rack

This one comes from Zilio A&C in Italy; it’s called the Tra-ra. You can purchase it from Heal’s or Pure Deco, both in the U.K, although Heal’s is out of stock at the moment. You have four color choices. Added note, in response to an email comment: The lightbulb is not part of the rack; it was just placed there for the photo. You would never want an unprotected bulb where it could come in contact with some clothes; that's a fire hazard!

mobile garment rack

The Clothing House, designed by Ola Giertz for Essem Design, looks like a delightful new product. It’s so new, though, that I don’t yet see it on the Essem website. It comes in white and black. [via Musings: Flor’s Blog on Design]

red garment rack

Want more choices of colors? Caraselle has garment rails in yellow, red, pink, blue, chocolate brown, silver gray and white. There are two sizes: 3 feet and 6 feet. The company is based in the U.K., but delivers throughout the world.

stainless steel garment rack

The Diplodocus, from Kayiwa, is a fun design, but it’s also quite expensive. [via Furniture Fashion]

clothes rack

The Mercantile Clothes Rack from Restoration Hardware provides a unique look, too.

store fixture - spiral clothing rack

Sites selling store fixtures can have some interesting clothing racks, too.

luggage cart

And you could use a luggage cart as a garment rack, too.

garment rail that hangs from the ceiling

And here’s a different approach, from Ferm Living. As Better Living Through Design explains, “An iron rod hangs from the ceiling by harness leather belts.”

clothing rack that hangs from the ceiling

Annaleena, in Sweden, is another source for clothing rails that hang from the ceiling; there are three different shapes to choose from. The Minimalist Store in Australia is another source for these products. [via Better Living Through Design]

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SueBK said...

A couple of years ago I bought a closet rack to hold costumes for our annual Carols in the Park (Christmas being in summer, it's a tradition in most Australian towns). I now use the rack as a quilt stand. When we have visitors, I put it in the guest room, for extra hanging space or as a towel rail.