Sunday, December 1, 2013

Headphone Stands, Revisited

headphone stand, steel, red

Update time! Back in October I wrote about headphone stands. But now Heckler Design — whose products, such as OneLessDesk, I’ve always admired — has come out with a headphone stand. It comes in six colors and is only $29 — much less expensive than many other options. And it’s made from steel scraps from the production of other Heckler products.

headphone hooks for iMac and MacBook Pro

And for those with an iMac (2004-2011 or 2012-2013) or a MacBook Pro (2010-2013), take a look at the headphone hooks from Kancha Laboratory. They are currently on sale for only €18 — or €13 for the MacBook Pro version. Orders over €13 get free shipping, worldwide. [via HiConsumption]

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