Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Do You Do With Four Gold Teeth?

gold tooth
Photo by frau-Vogel, found on Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons

You can inherit some strange things from your relatives — and someone I know (who gave me permission to share this story) inherited some gold teeth from beloved family members. These weren't the only things she inherited, but they were certainly the oddest.

For 16 years, she kept them tucked away in a drawer. But then I told her about a local jewelry store that buys gold, and she decided to check it out. The store is closing soon — the jeweler is retiring after many years in the business — giving her an incentive to not procrastinate. So, with a bit of trepidation, she took the teeth (and some broken jewelry) to that jeweler — and he did indeed buy the teeth from her, for a nice amount of money!

silver and gold pendants, each with a diamond

And now she has this pendant, which she bought with the proceeds of her sale — a much better way to honor her relatives' memory.

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JustGail said...

I'd say she made a good trade.

My dad had gold teeth long ago, so long ago it was illegal to own gold, so when he had to have them pulled for dentures, he wasn't allowed to keep them, according to him. I wonder if he was given a "trade-in" value for them, or if the dentist just took them.