Thursday, July 25, 2013

Around the World in Sticky Notes

sticky notes shaped like leaves

Are you a sticky note addict — and looking for something beyond the wide range of Post-it products? Let's look at some of the options, including the Leaf-It series from Appree, in Korea. You can find these at, MochiThings, or Stationery Art.

sticky notes that look like computer error messages

Another interesting product from Korea — this time, from Connect design — is the error message sticky note. [via organizer John Trosko]

sticky note paper doll

And there's one more I want to show you from Korea: the paper doll sticky notes. These are out of stock at many sites which once carried all four versions, but you can still get Tom at Ginko Papers and The Kawaii Notebook, and Julie at

sticky notes shaped like pigeons

Staying in Asia for a moment, let's look at the sticky notes from Twelvetone, which include pigeons and cats. You can find these at Two Owls, Cool Stuff Express, and Mimoto.

sticky notes shaped like salami

Now we'll change continents, and jump over to Doiy in Barcelona, Spain, for these salami sticky notes. You can also buy them at PIQ,, Fireworks Gallery and Propaganda.

sticky notes with cats
sticky notes with dogs

Over in Germany, the teNeues Publishing Group has a number of intriguing sticky note sets. All the paper comes from sustainable forestry.

sticky note block with birds

And moving over to the U.K., we get the Padblocks sticky note pads, in 38 different patterns.

sticky note cube with whales

Finally, let's cross the ocean and come to the U.S. — where you'll find Swanky Press and its various sticky note cubes, all of which can be personalized.

sticky note block with whales on each note

And let's conclude our tour with this delightful sticky note block from Ilee Papergoods, sold by Room6.

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