Monday, July 15, 2013

Drying the Laundry, Indoors and Out

laundry hanging to dry on curtain rod

Are you like me — someone who does a lot of line-drying of the laundry? Some of the clothes I prefer to line dry (after a quick spin in the dryer) get hung up on a curtain rod; smaller items get hung in the bathroom, on the shower door. If you'd prefer a somewhat nicer looking alternative, I've got plenty of interesting options to show you — beyond those I found back in January 2011.

laundry drying rack in bathtub

This clothes drying rack from Artweger is small enough to fit in many bathtubs, or on a balcony. Artweger has sales outlets in many countries — two places to buy this rack are here and here — but, sadly, not the U.S. The company makes a larger version, too, for those with more space.

8-arm wall drying rack

This 8-arm drying rack can hold heavy wet towels and blankets, the vendor says. The 8-arm rack sold by Lehman's might well be the same thing. Another lovely version of the same type of product comes from Black Country Metalworks Ltd.

wall-mounted drying rack for towels and more

Another nice wall-mounted drying rack comes from Arredamenti Italia. I found it for sale here and here — but no place outside of Europe.

radiator drying rack

If you happen to have a radiator, this radiator rack from deVOL might interest you.

drying rack hung on back of a door

And here's the Slimline, a drying rack designed for small spaces. [via organizer Stacey Anderson]

laundry dome for back yard

Finally, I wanted to show you one product designed for outdoors. You don't need me to point you to clotheslines — but how many of you knew there was a Laundry Dome? (I didn't, until today.)

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Sabrina said...

Wow, I love the laundry dome! My back yard backs up to the wetlands and there is so much pollen that I can't bring my laundry outside. This would be great for my backyard to reduce the pollen that attaches to my drying laundry. Thanks for sharing.

JustGail said...

Laundry dome - I always thought the best part of hanging out was the laundry snapping in the wind. The biggest problem I had with hanging out was fading - I wonder if the dome would prevent that (nothing is mentioned on the site for it).

Wooden laundry racks - they work great (I love that they don't sag like clothesline), but they have 2 drawbacks - if not bleached out or sealed with waterproof finish, they can stain cloths :-(. The other thing is they seem to make great cat climbing toys.

Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

I would have used the laundry dome in my old house. We were on the flight path of seagulls from inland to the lake.

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm so glad to see that the laundry dome was intriguing to some of you, not just to me — and for reasons I never even considered.

JusGail, I never thought of (some) wooden racks staining the clothes, so thanks for that caution. (I also never thought of them as cat climbing toys, but once you mention it — sure, I can see that!)