Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Support the Cause, Enjoy the Conference — and Avoid the Clutter

children selling canvas bags as fundraising for environmental program
My photo; posted with permission of their mom.

Sea Turtles confuse plastic bags with jellyfish and choke on them. Help save them and support the San Mateo County ban on plastics by buying a canvas bag with our amazing Oceans Week logo imprinted on it. — Farallone View Oceans Weeks 2013 flyer

When I went grocery shopping last Saturday, I came across these cute kids selling canvas bags for a good cause. But do I need another canvas bag? I certainly don't. So I donated money, and declined to take a bag.

It's the same concept as donating to your local public radio station during a pledge drive, and not taking one of the many thank-you gifts. Sure, if there's something being offered that you really want, then go for it! But otherwise, why not let all your money go to the cause, and get a larger tax dedication?

And here's a great idea from the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers, as noted by organizer Debra Baida: a swag swap table. When you find that conference bag stuffed with items you don't want, it's nice to have a way to move them along to others who might appreciate them.

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1 comment:

JustGail said...

But Jeri!!!! If I don't get the STUFF, how will anyone know I supported them ???? Oh WOE!

or how about -
But Jeri!!! All that STUFF with their logo helps raise awareness about their cause!

I wonder if that's what many people think, even if they are aware that they can donate without taking the stuff.