Monday, May 20, 2013

Entryways: How to Stash Your Stuff

wall-mounted entryway storage with hooks

With clutter it's often the small things that matter, and in the entryway they tend to defy efforts at neatness. That's why you need to turn to dedicated storage units to help keep little things from becoming big frustrations. — Merola Tahamtan [via Scott Roewer]

Merola goes on to note that we can often repurpose thing we already own — "decorative bowls, tins, boxes, and bins" — to store things by our entryways. But here are some wall-mounted products especially designed to help with entryways.

The combination coat hook and storage shelf shown above is called the Hang Up; it comes in white and black. It seems like a neat way to store jackets and such along with all the other stuff like mail and keys. [via Better Living Through Design]

floating shelf for keys and smartphone

Plank is a "small floating shelf with a magnetic underside" — good if you need a place for just your keys and something small, like your phone or your wallet. [via Shoebox Dwelling] If you like this idea but want a larger shelf, see the magnetic key ring holder and shelf from Meriwether of Montana. [via Better Living Through Design]

wall-mounted storage for keys, sunglasses, etc.

Another product that uses magnets to hold the keys is Elephant, from Board by Design. The company also has a rectangular-shaped product called Blokkey. You can buy these through YLiving or through Board By Design's Etsy store. [via Better Living Through Design]

small shelf to hold keys, smartphone, etc.

And if you like the idea of a small shelf like the Plank, here's another design called the Key Shelf.

wall-mounted wood entryway organizer to hold smartphone, glasses, wallet, etc.

The Butler by Micklish is a pricier option than the others — but it sure is gorgeous. It's specifically designed to hold your smartphone, along with your glasses, keys, wallet, etc. "The backside includes a routed out section for your charging cord and extension cord in case your mounting area on the wall is not next to a outlet." [via Cool Mom Tech and Gizmodo]

wall rack, looks like slatted fence, to hold coats, mail, keys, etc.

And let's conclude with another product that provides a place to hang a coat as well as a place to stash some smaller items: the Wallter Slack Rack, available in four different colors. [via Uncrate]

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Naturally Ideal said...

I wouldn't put my phone near anything magnetic.

Jeri Dansky said...

TinaAtHome, the makers of the Plank say: "The magnet is on the bottom only and does not affect anything placed on the shelf." But I understand your concern.