Thursday, January 17, 2013

When It IS About the Bike: Cool Storage Options

rack for shoes and a bicycle

If you're going to keep your bicycle in a garage, there are many storage options for keeping them on the floor, the walls or the ceiling. But if you plan to keep it inside your house or apartment, you may be interested in storage options that have some style.

I've seen a number of products that look like minor variations on the Knife & Saw Bike Shelf, which I wrote about some in September 2010, and I'm not going to list those products here. But there are a number of other products that also caught my eye.

The one above, called Shoes Books and a Bike, won't fit into many decors, but it's so interesting I just had to share it. You can contact Postfossil, in Swtizerland, if you're interested. [via Bless This Stuff]

metal wall-mounted bike rack - accommodates a lock

But for most people, something that allows you to hang the bike on the wall is likely to work better. Here's the Mama Bike Rack, currently on sale; I hope that doesn't mean it's being discontinued. [via Core77]

bike rack - wooden pegs

For a minimalist approach, take a look at the wooden bike hook from Sandra Thomsen of Fluo. This one is meant for lightweight bikes only. [via Swissmiss]

folded metal bike rack for the wall

Quaterre provides a number of bike storage options, all made in England; this one is called Hood. [via Freshome and Book of Joe]

wall-mounted bike rack

And finally, here's the stylish Bedford Bike Rack from 718 Made in Brooklyn. It's available in custom colors and veneers. [via Freshome and Cool Material]

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