Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organizing Your Desk: Pencil Cups from $10 to $120

three pencil cups

Coffee mugs make great pencil cups — but I've also found a number of other delightful options. Danica Studio calls the items above "tumblers" — but See Jane Work, which carries the one with anchors and the one with a cityscape, calls them pencil cups. Funky Homes, in Australia, has the one with the cityscape and the one with the birds — and calls them bathroom tumblers. Which just shows how one item can be used many different ways! Update on Sept. 8, 2013: I'm no longer finding the bird one at Funky Homes. But I see it at LBC Modern.

bone china pencil cup with images of fennel

This lovely bone china pencil cup comes from Julie Lebailly of Les Miniboux — and although Julie's in Brittany, it's easy to buy from her via Etsy. This cup also works well for storing makeup brushes, as Julie shows on her Etsy store.

colorful pencil cup made from yarn

Jennifer Caldwell of JC Stars makes her pencil holders from yarns in her scrap stash.

fabric-covered pencil cup, square shape

And Jessica Jones of Burnt Creative Studio makes pencil boxes using some lovely fabrics.

square pencil pot with tweed

For another use of fabric, see the Tweed Pen Pot from Life of Riley. You can also buy this pot through Not on the High Street. Update on Sept. 8, 2013: This product is no longer available from Life of Riley.

elephant pencil cup - acrylic

And then there are the animals. This elephant pencil cup comes from See Jane Work; it's made of shaped acrylic.

bear pencil holder

OK, this one isn't a pencil cup — but it's a pencil holder, and that's close enough. The company says this wonderful bear pencil holder is sturdy and will not fall over easily. Update on Sept. 8, 2013: This product is sold out.

wood pencil cup

Another pencil holder made of wood comes from Timber Territory. Update on July 18, 2018: The Timber Territory website has disappeared.

pencil cup, leopard pattern, 24K gold

And that one that costs $120? It's this leopard pencil cup from L'Objet. It's made from Limoges porcelain and 24K gold. You can also find it at Elements and Unica Home. [via Tim McKeough at The New York Times]

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Julie Miniboux said...

Thanks for choosing my Flowers pencil cup ! There's some great other pencil cup in there, that should definitely help on my desk !
Have a great day !

Sabrina said...

Love all the pencil holders! It's amazing how people spend their money. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

JCstars said...

Lots of cool ideas to organize! Thanks for showing off my coiled pencil holder!

Portable Storage VA said...

Those cups are pretty awesome. Great way to organize a desk and add some style.

John Trosko said...

Jeri, you know I like the pencil cup with the anchors!

John aka OrganizingLA