Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Professional Organizer Training and Tools from Geralin Thomas: My New Blog Sponsor

Geralin Thomas head shot

How many ways can I sing the praises of Geralin? I'm so honored she's chosen to sponsor my blog; let me tell you why.

I first met Geralin, in person, at a conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and the place was packed with hundreds of organizers. Geralin and I had said we wanted to meet, but hadn't set up a specific time. I asked around about where I might find her, and someone said I'd know her when I saw her — she's the one who looks so incredibly well put together. (And that was certainly true!) Geralin's also one of the smartest and nicest organizers in the business.

If you watch Hoarders, you'll know Geralin from her work there. But what you may not know about are all the services she provides for new professional organizers, or those considering joining the field. I can't imagine a better teacher. I've signed up for workshops at conferences simply because Geralin was teaching them, because I knew she'd be an excellent presenter — and with her wealth of experience I was sure to learn something. I've never been disappointed.

Geralin offers a range of professional organizer training services and forms. There are group teleclasses and private training sessions — and introductory classes offered by NAPO which are taught by Geralin. And then there are the many forms: a phone intake form for new clients, a photo waiver,  a sample chart of accounts for doing the bookkeeping, and so much more. While many of the forms are geared to new organizers, some might have larger appeal and might also benefit the non-organizer — such as the customizable housekeeping instructions, in English and Spanish.

So if you're new to professional organizing, or someone considering becoming an organizer — or if you know someone who fits into either of those categories — take a look at what Geralin has to offer. Experienced organizers who feel challenged in some particular aspect of their work might want to take a look, too.


cathy said...

I too met Geralin for the first time at a NAPO conference. She reached out to me prior to the event when she received a notice about my new filing products. I am not sure she realized what a profound impact that small gesture made. It gave me so much confidence to present my idea to an industry I had very little experience in. My booth was surrounded, she casually walk by and said, hi! Now many years later I feel very fortunate to be learning and working with her on different levels. She is a true professional and an all around wonderful person. Her experience and dedication to the professional organizing industry is clearly reflected in everything she does.

Julie Bestry said...

This is like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of organizing! The perfect partnership, between two of my favorite people!