Monday, June 6, 2011

Reader Tip: Organizing with Wreath Hangers

scarves hanging from wreath hangers on the back of a door

Sometimes the perfect organizing solution is something very simple — and inexpensive. I use hooks on the back of my bedroom door to hang some clothes — but reader Rachel in San Diego has another suggestion. She wrote this note in response to my recent post about coat stands, and has given me permission to share her words and her photo with all of you. Here's Rachel:
I have discovered the benefits of metal wreath holders. I have three on my bedroom door and they hold my small collection of scarves as well as my winter jacket during the winter. I have one on the bathroom door and it holds my nightgown. I suddenly realized after reading your post that if I had a winter coat or two, I could hang a couple inside out on my front door and use that as a coat rack.

They work fine, the price is reasonable, and installation is very simple. In a pinch I can "borrow" one and use it to hang a wreath on the front door.

wrought iron wreath holder - one with a moose, another with a heart

Rachel got me curious about wreath hangers, so I looked to see what's available beyond the basic ones. If you like Rachel's idea and want to add a bit of pizazz, there are some nice wrought iron wreath hangers made by Village Wrought Iron and sold many places online.

personalized wreath hanger

And if you are willing to spend even more, you can get a personalized wreath hanger. The examples on the web site all show family names, but there's no reason you couldn't order one that says ROBE or whatever, to remind everyone about what goes where. Or say you wanted a place for each of two children to hang something; each wreath holder could have the child's name. Built-in labels!

personalized wreath hanger

Pottery Barn also has personalized wreath hangers, in a different style.


Sabrina said...

Love the different hook photos!

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Wreath hangars! Brilliant.

Jeri Dansky said...

I agree, Cynthia! I never thought of using wreath hangers, but it's a great idea.