Monday, June 6, 2011

Have It Your Way: Customized Organizing Products

knob that says SOCKS

Every hear of Custom Week? I hadn't either, until a few hours ago. But June 6-13 is the first annual Custom Week, where a number of companies that provide customizable products are offering discounts.

And some of those companies make organizing-related products. I've already mentioned CustomMade a number of times, and shown you some of the furniture I found through that site. So let's look at two other companies this time.

Ghost Nest lets you create customized knobs, using one of three standard styles and your own text and/or artwork — or you can choose some artwork provided by various artists. The SOCKS knob above is the design of graphic artist Matthew Langille; the photo comes from the Ghost Nest Flickr site (and is used with permission from Ghost Nest). Custom knobs would be an interesting way to label dresser drawers — or any other drawers!

shelving system - art work that folds down to provide shelves

At what I imagine is the other end of the price spectrum, there are the amazing Riveli shelving systems.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I've always loved those beautiful Riveli shelves - dual purpose items are top of my list when considering anything new for my small space.

Lee said...

I think the customized knobs would be a big help in the kitchen, especially if the person looking for something or putting something away is not the person who set up the kitchen. Don't you hate going to someone else's kitchen and having to look through all of the drqwers and cabinets?

Jeri Dansky said...

Lissanne, I'm always on the lookout for dual-purpose items, too - we've got lots of small homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And I agree, Lee - labels (and these custom knobs are just fancy labels) make things easier for everyone.