Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For Book Lovers: Fun and Functional Bookends

bean-filled printed bookend, says EDIT

You've sorted through the books, moving along those that no longer fit your life. Now it's time to organize the remaining books on the bookshelves — which means you just might need some bookends.

The editor in me was pulled to the bookends shown above — one of eight designs available from Boxed. If you're a fan of the Keep Calm products, look for the ones with that theme. "U.S. customers will receive this product filled with beans, while for the other countries the bookend will be mailed empty. Fill it with 3 cups of dry beans, rice or even sand."

Robots S.P.A. provides us with these Giulietta e Roméo bookends, available from Made in Design and Panik.

simple heavy-duty stainless steel bookends

Need a simple heavy-duty bookend? Take a look at the stainless steel bookends from Magmax, available at Canoe. The picture is a bit confusing, since the bookends would actually be turned around, with the metal plates under the books — but turning them this way shows them off properly. Each bookend weighs almost four pounds. As Canoe says, "The hefty construction and generous scale makes them highly suitable for holding oversized art and design books which ordinary bookends can't accommodate." [via Better Living Through Design]

letter holder bookend, white

Ideaco has some fun dual-purpose bookends: a combination of a bookend and a letter holder, or a tape dispenser. Some places to find these, outside of Japan, are MollaSpace and Emmo Home. [via Swiss Miss]

bookends with built-in labels

The Puhlmann Filemaker bookend allows you to easily label sections of books. The same company makes the Zoo brand bunny bookends. These are easy to find in The Netherlands — and harder to find elsewhere. Update on April 20, 2014: I'm no longer finding any place that sells the Filemaker bookends.

bookend block built into bookshelf

Finally, here's an interesting idea from Colleen & Eric: a shelf with a built-in bookend — which can be slid along the shelf, depending on how many books you need to hold up. The wood, color and size can all be customized to meet your needs. [via Bookshelf]

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