Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter Organizing: Storing the Snowboards

wall-mounted rack for three snowboards

I grew up in Michigan - and I have zero interest in snow sports myself. But for those who do - and who live in the Northern Hemisphere - the weather is getting chilly enough to start thinking about winter sports equipment.

So let's look at some interesting wall-mounted snowboard racks. The one above comes from Del Sol Racks; there are racks available for one, two, or three boards.

snowboard wall-mounted rack

This Scorpion Snowboard Rack comes from StoreYourBoard.com.

wood wall-mounted snowboard rack

RAX by Radically Inclined are "100% hand crafted sustainable Western Red Cedar." There are six sizes, ranging from one-board to eight-board racks.

snowboard rack, wall-mounted, for two boards

Finally, Bordzup has gravity-suspension snowboard racks for either one board or two. (The one-board version seems to be the product sold by Brookstone.)

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Struggler said...

Reading this, I realize I'm not actually sure where my hubby's snowboard is! Happily, he'll know where he stashed it :)
Many congratulations on your organizing awards nomination - that's awesome and you are in some lofty company there!