Thursday, October 28, 2010

Planning Ahead: 2011 Calendars

mermaid wall calendar - August 2011

Here's a calendar to brighten your day! I fell in love with the Nantucket Mermaid calendar the minute I saw it. [via decor8]

calendar - boxes with days

And its creator, Jeanne van Etten, was nice enough to send along a photo of the "calendar" part of the calendar - so I could see there really are nice big blocks to write in. The boxes are 1 1/4 inches high by 3/4 inches wide, she told me.

calendar page, with flowerillustration

Wolfie & the Sneak also has a lovely calendar. Only 100 of these are printed each year - so if you want one, grab it now! [also via decor8]

Seva Canada wall calendar
calendar interior photos of kids

Seva's mission is to "restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world" - and Seva Canada sells a calendar to help fund its work.

Cat picture from calendar

This is my favorite picture from the HawaiiCats calendar.

2011 weekly appointment calendar with pictures of birds

And here's one that's not a wall calendar - the weekly appointment calendar from Birdartist.

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1 comment:

Lee said...

I'm charmed by the children, cat, and birds. These would be a joy to see in the morning. The cat artist has some other lovely art in her Etsy shop.

My own favorite wall calendar is from FlyLady ( It's nicely done, but not charming. What is does have is half of the month on the top and and the other half on the bottom when it is hung, which means each day's space is quite large and can handle more information about an event or more events.

These spaces also have lines, so I can write straight the first time. Did you see my perfectionism? it's made of paper that is easy to erase. The numbers are large. I have one and ordered one for my mom, whose vision isn't good.

It starts in August and runs through the next December, making it handy for putting the whole school year calendar of events on one calendar, rather than discovering you've lost the school sheet by the time you get a new calendar which starts in January.

There is a sleeve that lets you keep paper such as invitations, coupons, and items you might want to refer to safe but out of the way.

I didn't get one last August, chosing to be creative and make my own. Life was a disaster, so I ordered the new one that started last fall. My charming attitude from feeling organized more than makes up for the lack of charming pictures. It may seem a little pricey, but think "Peace of Mind - Priceless".

She also sells a set of 2 magnets, which together are strong enough to hang the calendar on the front of some metal refrigerator doors. Our front won't hold magents but the sides will.