Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter in California: Time for Umbrella Stands

umbrella shaped umbrella holder

With a rainy winter season being forecast for my part of the world, I'm starting to think about umbrella stands again - it's been over two years since I last featured them!

Let's start with this umbrella-shaped umbrella holder. I'm not sure how practical it is, but it sure is eye-catching!

boot shaped umbrella stand

Here's another umbrella stand with an interesting shape!

jet turbine umbrella stand

The jet turbine umbrella stand is yet another unusual shape.

umbrella stand with sponge

This umbrella stand, designed by Eva Schildt, got a lot of attention on the design blogs a couple years ago. It's also available here.

two simple umbrella stands

Here are some nice, simple umbrella stands from Australia.

orange umbrella stand

And here's an umbrella stand from Japan! [via Spoon & Tamago]  Update on Dec. 26, 2012: I'm no longer finding this one available for purchase.

Mahogany umbrella stand

This lovely mahogany umbrella stand comes from Sarreid Ltd; if you're interested, you'll need to find a Sarreid dealer. Update on Nov. 11, 2010: While Sarreid still carries umbrella stands, I'm no longer seeing this specific on its web site.

Italian ceramic umbrella stand

And finally, here's an Italian ceramic umbrella stand. (If this one doesn't appeal, the same company sells another style.)


Claire Josefine said...

What was that phrase we learned in English 101? Something about Form equaling Content... Anyway, the umbrella- and galosh-shaped stands reminded me of that concept. They make me smile.

I'm not sure the stand at the base of the turbine design is sufficiently deep to hold the water pouring off our wet umbrellas. Can you tell from the picture whether it's stand enough to do the job?

Personally, that Italian painted ceramic stand is the one that sparks my desire -- yum.

Susan tiner said...

The Italian ceramic stand is the one I want.

Jeri Dansky said...

Claire, the first two made me smile, too. I'm not sure how deep the base is on the turbine one - you're right, it does seem somewhat shallow.

And I understand the attraction of the Italian one. Of course, it's not cheap at $418 - I seldom seem to have cheap taste. (Fortunately, I also don't buy all the things I admire!)

Jeri Dansky said...

Susan, your comment came in just as I was typing mine! OK, two votes for the Italian one as the favorite! Anyone else?

SueBK said...

I like the wellies. Think I might keep my eye open at the $2 shop for a pair that suit my decor.

Translation: wellies = wellingtons = galoushes
$2 shop - any super discount shop specialising in all sorts of junk but handy for where quality isn't so much of an issue.

Neil Shaw said...

Thanks for the blog gave me some great ideas for a new umbrella stand after my son decided to use our existing one to hide his unwanted tea:(

Just as a note i have found this site helpful for umbrella stands Umbrella stands

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you found it useful, Neil; too bad about the tea.