Monday, November 9, 2009

An Organizer Gets MORE Organized: Improving the Entryway


Are you super organized yourself? People always ask me that, and I'll reply that while I'm indeed organized, I continue to make improvements.

My latest set of changes was inspired by reading Erin Rooney Doland's Unclutter Your Life in One Week. I decided my entryway could use some improvement - including finally finding a "home" for my purse.

Since I had these built-in shelves added to the entryway some time ago, I don't know why I never put my purse on one of them before! The item that was there - slippers for visitors, since I have a shoes-off house - moved into a basket in the entryway closet.

Other items in the shelves are the shoes I wear most often, another basket of slippers, and the bag I take to the gym.

I cleared some items out of my front closet - things that could easily live elsewhere - so now I also have a place on that closet shelf for bag I take to a weekly meeting; it had also been "homeless" before.

Many things already worked well in my entryway - like the hook for my keys, and the place where I put things like client files for the next day, or library books to be returned. But making a few small changes took care of some nagging problems, and I'm delighted with the changes!


Erin said...

Jeri -- I'm so glad to hear this! Your Reception Station sounds perfect for your needs. Kudos!

Jeri Dansky said...

It's working great!

I want to get a folding chair for the front closet, so I can offer it to people taking their shoes off or putting them back on. But that's about the only thing I still want to change.