Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daily Planners for Those Who Know Their Alizarin Crimson

4 pictures of Daily Color planner

OK, did I just date myself with that Donovan reference? Even if you never heard of alizarin crimson, you might enjoy these planners that all focus on color.

The one above, called Daily Color, comes from MMMG in Korea. It's hard to find, but Rare Device in San Francisco has four left, as I write this. [via Better Living Through Design] Update on Sept. 30, 2014: I'm not finding any current versions of this planner, and the old ones are no longer available.

colour calendar 2010

The Niggli Colour Calendar, designed by Moritz Zwimpfer, is available from Design Museum Shop. For the only really good photos I've seen of the interior, go to the Museum of Creative Calendar Design - they are showing an older version, but you still get the idea. Each page - one for each day - has a large swatch of color and then room for notes. Update on Sept. 30, 2014: I'm not seeing any more recent versions of this calendar, and the old ones are no longer available.

2010 appointment book

And for a more subtle use of color, take a look at the 2010 Settegiorni appointment book by Nava Milano. Update on Oct. 28, 2010: I'm not finding a 2011 version of this appointment book.

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