Saturday, April 4, 2009

Organizing with an Easter Theme

magnet - bunny oh scooter

Bunnies and baskets and eggs, oh my! It's almost Easter, so here's my collection of organizing tools that fit with the holiday. I'm not seeing a whole lot that appeals to me, but I did find a few things I think are pretty special. For example, I'm quite taken with this magnet from PearsonMaron.

magnet - dinosaurs in bunny masks

And while it might be stretching things a bit to call this an Easter-themed item, I do love this magnet with the dinosaurs in bunny masks, designed by Heather Hansma.

Easter box with hare

Here's an Easter cloth box with a March hare, by Rosablue. Update on March 23, 2010: I no longer see this product on the Rosablue web site.

bunny chocolate box

For those us who have loved Joseph Schmidt chocolates and the lovely boxes they came in, this is our last chance to add to our collections; Easter 2009 will be the final season for the chocolates, and no more will be sold after June 30.

Easter basket

One place to get a nice Easter basket is the Peterboro Basket Company.

egg coin bank, orange

Moving on to eggs, here's the J Schatz egg bank, available in nine different colors. [via the nice person who commented on Apartment Therapy]

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Geralin Thomas said...

Jeri, your spring-themed post reminded me to get my eye exam scheduled. Not because I'm on an annual spring-schedule but because when I looked at the dinos, I thought they had clothespins on their noses!

Jeri Dansky said...

Geralin, you just missed seeing the little string! That would have clued you in immediately that these were bunny masks! OK, maybe not.