Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Clothes Closet? No Problem!

Asian-style wardrobe

How do you store your clothes when you don't have enough closet space? (Or maybe you don't have closets at all!) The typical answer is to use a wardrobe (or an armoire); these come in a huge range of styles and prices. The one above comes from my blog sponsor, Greentea Design; Greentea has other sizes and styles, too.


And here's a very different look, from Studio Becker.

Italian wardrobe

And the Furniture Store Blog featured this wonderful Italian wardrobe a few days ago; see the blog for more details.

pull-out wardrobe

Here's a different take on the wardrobe, from Naomi Dean - who says it is "coming soon." [via Cribcandy]

wood garment rack

Another approach would be a garment rack. This is one of the prettier ones I've seen. Update on Nov. 18, 2015: The site that I found this on is no longer selling this rack.

wall-mounted garment rack

There are wall-mounted garment racks, too.

wall-mounted garment rack

Professional organizer Karen Sheesley introduced me to the QuikCloset (and the InstaHanger) yesterday.

wall coat rack with hangers

Here's a wall-mounted option from Topdeq; you can check out the company's other options, too. Update on May 10, 2011: Topdeq no longer has a U.S. site, but it does have sites for a number of other countries; I've linked to the French one for this specific product. I've since found it's the Cubix wall, from Pieperconcept.

clothes rack fixture

clothes rack fixture

For even more ideas, you could check places selling store fixtures, such as the two above.

And you can find yet more here:
- My post about the pogoCloset.
- Apartment Therapy's post on using chains and hangers.


SueBK said...

So, what's the diff between a wardrobe and a closet? Here in Oz, any sort of "cupboard", be it built in or free standing, or even a separate room, is called a wardrobe.

Tanna Clark said...

I use the QuickCloset in my laundry room and gave away an InstaHanger on my site before. I love them! Really inexpensive way to get some quick hanging space and you can fold it down when you don't need it.

Jeri Dansky said...

SueBK, here in the U.S. (or at least everywhere I've lived in the U.S.) a space built into the room for storage is called a closet. Most houses have bedroom closets, with space to hang clothes from a rod (or two); some have walk-in closets, which are little rooms. Homes may also have linen closets, an entryway/hall closet, etc.

Lack of "closet space" is a frequent complaint people have about their homes.

A wardrobe would only be a free-standing piece of furniture.

Thanks for the language lesson!

Jeri Dansky said...

Tanna, I'm glad to know you like the QuikCloset. It did seem like a natural for a laundry room!

SueBK said...

Now there's something I didn't consider. We DO have "linen closets". It is very rare to find a house that doesn't have an built in linen closet (although ours is only about 4 inches deep). But we have walk in wardrobes, built in wardrobes and just plain wardrobes for storing clothes. All three will always have a hanging bar, but may also include a combination of drawers and shelves.
Maybe newer houses are different, but I've only lived in one house that has built-ins; and they were added by a previous owner, not the builder.
Happy to help you become international in your English :-)