Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Organizing Angst and Answers in 140 Characters

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Twitter sent me these gems recently - and I've also included one of my tweets that others seemed to like.

The angst:
@David Lebovitz: I feel bad. I accidentally deleted an email that was 17" long. But as soon as I did, my headache went away. And now I feel better.

@David Lebovitz: The only downside to all this Indian cooking is where the heck does one store all these spices?

@FreeRangeMom: dang kids lost my dang car keys, dang it.

The answers, from the askorg session last week:
@OrganizeAtlanta: Purging: Make a box and label it "GUILT" and put in all the stuff you save out of obligation. Then realize you don't really like it.

@JeriDansky: If it's something you say is "OK" - do you have room in your life for things that are just OK?

More advice:
@OrganizingWiz: The same organizing tools don't work for every person; if you don't succeed at 1st, try changing the tool (i.e. To Do List vs. Tickler file)

Advice, of sorts - one person's answer, caught on a re-tweet:
@theredheadsaid: RT @lynnweingarten:OLD MOLDY SALSA dumped on torn up financial documents before final disposal is my identity theft deterrent of choice

And a reflection:
@bobulate: Talking about your to-do list is just a way of not doing.

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