Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue for 2017

My poor blog! It’s been neglected as I focused my writing energies on Core77 (through last year) and Unclutterer (ongoing). But it’s time to resume posting, and this seemed like a good way to start. Ten years ago today, my mom died of pancreatic cancer. Her favorite color was blue, so this is my annual tribute to her. (Sadly, I missed last year due to my hip surgery.)

Let’s start with this bright blue basket from L'Atelier de NaNa H — good for holding all sorts of small items.

This catchall from A & B Design Studio is another lovely shade of blue.

And here's a different sort of catchall from feltplanet.

This earring stand comes from Allison Glick Ceramics.

Finally, this is the Lexon flip alarm clock. Mom would have liked this not just because it's blue, but because it has a big, easily legible display. And it’s super-simple to use; you just flip the clock over to turn the alarm off and on. (The display changes its orientation when you do that.)


Louise said...

That clock is pretty cool! And except for the ceramic earring holder, all these non-breakable organizing items would look and work great in our small, mobile space.

I'm looking forward to seeing your blog spin back up again.

Marcie Lovett said...

So good to see you back here, Jeri! I always enjoyed your product roundups and the blue-for-your-mom ones have been a lovely tribute.

Carolyn said...

I always enjoy your organizing in blue post...can't believe it's been TWO years! Hope you're all back to normal after your hip surgery.

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, Marcie and Carolyn: Thanks for the kind words! It feels really good to be back. And Carolyn, I am indeed back to normal, post-surgery.