Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Desk Organizers With Very Different Designs

I’ve written about many notable desk organizers over on the Core77 website; if you’re an office supply fan, you can go see my posts from May 2014, October 2015 and July 2016. But because so many of us could use a desk organizer, and we all have somewhat different needs and aesthetic preferences, more interesting product keep coming along. One of these is Gather, from Ugmonk, currently available via Kickstarter.

The basic product has a pencil holder, a phone holder, a sticky-note holder, and two sizes of trays — all of which can be arranged on the base however you wish. You can also add on a headphone stand and a coaster. It seems to be a lovely, compact piece. (via Uncrate)

The Niu desk organizer from Ubikubi, designed by Dragos Motica, is made with cork and painted aluminum. It has a lot of pieces: a sticky-note holder, a business card holder, a tape dispenser, a phone/tablet support (that item in the middle), a pen/pencil holder, a cup for paper clips or any other such item, a pencil sharpener (the item in the front, off the tray) and the paper tray itself. This lets you keep the items together or move them around your desk — whichever you prefer. But it also includes specific tools you may not need. (via Design Milk)

If you just need a small desk organizer for notepads, pens and your smartphone, the Bau organizer from Most Modest would work. You have your choice of five colors for that bottom stripe.

If you’d like to keep some things hidden away but still right at hand, you might like the Estuche desk organizer from Oitenta.

That enclosed area is quite a versatile storage space, holding things such as charging cords, sticky notes, a box of paper clips, etc. But there’s no external storage spot for a notepad or sticky notes, which will be a problem for some folks.

If you have a desktop computer (or a laptop used with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse) you might like the desk organizer from GardenX. That space for your smartphone doesn’t look large enough for the larger models now being sold, though; you’d probably want to contact the seller for dimensions. But then again, that space could be used for things other than a smartphone, as at least one purchaser has done.


Sabrina Quairoli said...

Great post! I love organizers to save space on the top of the desk. I find that using small shelving that fit on their desk helps when I work with clients that have lots of stuff on their desk. Thanks for sharing.

Louise said...

I really like the idea of a headphones holder. I've jury-rigged something on our bookcase, but it isn't all that attractive.

I'm also fascinated that so many of these incorporate a place to put your phone. It makes so much sense!