Monday, February 2, 2015

Magnets Make it Easy to Find the Keys

magnetic key holder; wooden cube with magnets on 3 sides and bottom

To avoid misplaced keys, it helps to have a regular location where they’re always stored. That could be a dish or a hook — or it could be a magnetic holder. I’ve mentioned Peleg Design’s Key Pete in a prior post, but there are many other options.

Tat Chao has the Kube, available with a walnut, mahogany or birch veneer. All three sides plus the bottom are magnetized, so a small cube can hold a fair number of keys. The bottom side can hold up to 0.75 pounds; the other sides can hold about 0.5 pounds. You can find the Kube on Etsy. [via Toronto Life]

magnetic key holder, wood

Søren Henrichsen makes this magnetic key holder called the Woodee. You can get it directly from Søren Henrichsen, in one of three finishes, or you could get it from The Merchant & Co.

magnetic key holder, cube shape

Kubonets recently launched via a successful Kickstarter, and the products are now available on Etsy. They come in sets of nine, in three finishes; you can get a single finish or a mixture. Each one holds about a pound. [via organizer Julie Bestry and Backerjack]

magnetic key holder, cloud shape

But not all magnet key holders have the wood finish. Duncan Shotton Design Studio provides us with the Cloud key holder; the keys are meant to represent rain falling from the cloud. There are three hidden magnets, each of which can hold about 200g (7 ounces). [via Freshome]

magnetic key holder, target shape

The Key Target was designed for AreaWare by Bower. There are several magnets inside, which allow you to just toss your keys at the target. It’s sold at a number of places, including Generate.

magnetic light switch cover, holding key ring with 20+ keys

And here’s a totally different approach: the NeoCover magnetic light switch cover, which will hold up to 27 keys.

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