Sunday, February 8, 2015

Giving the Keys a Home

key cabinet with queen and Corgi

You need the One True Place to put your keys in as you enter your house. — user “maudlin” on Ask MetaFilter

If you don’t want your One True Place to be a magnetic key holder, there are plenty of other solutions. While you don’t need something specially intended for keys — any hook or small dish could do — here are some key holders worth admiring.

The key box above comes from The Original Metal Box Company. This is the smaller size, with 10 hooks; each hook can hold at least two fobs. The larger size has 24 key hooks and has a lock; sadly, this design is not available on the larger box. The company sells the boxes on its website, and you can also find them on Not On the High Street.

key hook with London Underground linesfour key hooks (a set) with London Underground lines

Let’s stick with the British theme for a minute. The Remember Me key hooks from Blue Marmalade can be bought separately, but they also work nicely as a set of four. Each one has two hooks and one key fob. Blue Marmalade says, “Remember Me fixes to the wall with some clever sticky pads that are very strong but can also be removed without damaging paint or tearing wallpaper.” The hooks are made from recycled plastic.

key hook with a single London Underground line (Victoria)

Another version of the Remember Me key hook shows a single Underground line, rather than a combination of many. Six different lines are available. [via Switched On Set and Freshome]

brass key holder and fob brass key holders and fob

The Pure Brass key holder and fob is an elegant storage solution, although it does involve adding a bit of heft to the keyring.

key cabinet behind a mirror

Returning to the idea of a key cabinet, you can combine the key cupboard and the egg mirror from Rizz to get this lovely key storage solution. The cupboard is made of Corian. [via Design Milk]

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