Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Organizing with Refrigerator Door Magnets

magnet with drawing of a bird

If you choose to use the refrigerator door (or another surface that holds magnets) as the home for certain types of papers, you might choose to get some cool magnets — especially since magnets are one organizing tool that’s relatively inexpensive. The art print magnet above is just one of many available from Mary Ann Farley.

set of three rabbit refrigerator magnets

This magnet set from Julia Wine is one of many magnets she has to choose from.

magnets shaped like concrete blocks

If you don’t want a mini-artwork, how about a magnet shaped like a mini concrete block, from CKIE?

Strong Like Bull magnets, in many colors

If you’re concerned about whether or not your magnets will be strong enough to hold your papers, take a look at the Strong Like Bull magnets, which started out as a hugely successful Kickstarter. [via Uncrate]

refrigerator magnet, with a bear and poppies, saying I Love You, California

And finally, 3 Fish Studios has some delightful magnets for Californians — or anyone who likes the state.

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