Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Organizing the Desktop with Pencil Cups

pencil cup, with the words Write to the one you love; delay no more

If you don’t have a spare coffee mug you’d like to turn into a pencil cup, you certainly have plenty of other delightful options. I’m only finding this one on a single site, in New Zealand; it’s not on the manufacturer’s site, so it’s probably a discontinued product where supplies are limited. But others are more readily available around the globe.

pencil cup with line drawing of a bicycle

The Big Tomato Company has a number of interesting pen pots; of the line drawing ones, this bicycle pen pot may be my favorite. You can also find it at Unite & Type.

pencil cup with the word Bauhaus in the Bauhaus typeface

The typographic pen pots are fun, too. You can find these at Unite & Type, too.

orange and black pencil cups from Rhodia

If you’ve ever used Rhodia notebooks (or admired them in the stores), you’ll probably recognize the shade of orange on this pencil cup. This is the Rhodia ePURE Pencil Pot, made from imitation leather and available from a number of online vendors.

wood pencil cup

This pen pot from Field is made from “reclaimed yellow pine that orginated in centuries old vinegar barrels found in the state of Maryland.” It seems gorgeous — and it’s also $90. [via Better Living Through Design]

powder coated steel pencil cup

Here’s another one on the more expensive end: the Petal Cup from Dino Sanchez. That’s a powder-coated steel cup, with a red oak base. There are three color choices. [via Design Milk]

pottery pencil cup with an impression of a fern

And finally, here’s the fern leaf pencil pot from Ken's Garden Pottery. The fern leaf used to make the impression did indeed come from Ken’s garden.

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