Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toolboxes and Tool Bags: Totally Cool

metal tool box, blue

Toolboxes might not sounds all that intriguing — until you see some of the products out there! And, of course, a toolbox could always be used for many things beyond just tools, depending on your storage needs. The one above is the Trusco toolbox, imported from Japan and sold by CB2 and Field. It has removable dividers to help organize the interior to fit your needs.

metal tool box, orange
metal tool box, orange, interior view

This is the Heco toolbox from Racquer, sold by Monapart Living; it comes in four colors. Monapart Living says, “It has three compartments, two plastic folding trays ... and adjustable separations every 5 cm in the drawers.”

lockable toolbox

If you need a toolbox that locks, head on over to Vaultz.

red metal toolbox with front-open drawer

And here’s a neat idea: a toolbox with a front-loading drawer, from Best Made Company. As with more traditional toolboxes, you can still lift the top, which takes you to the tray — but you don’t have to deal with that if you want to get to things stored in the section below the tray. [via The Garage Journal and swissmiss]

leather toolbox

Of course, toolboxes don't have to be metal. This is the leather toolbox sold by Kauffman Mercantile, designed and produced by Andrew McAteer. Kaufmann Mercantiles says, “The interior holds a standard hammer, pliers, wrench and a full set of screwdrivers.”

leather toolcase

Here’s another leather tool case — this one from Germany, and sold by Labour and Wait.

leather tool bag
leather tool tote

And finally, Klein Tools has four leather tool bags to choose from: a standard bag in three sizes, and an open tote bag.

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SueBK said...

I have a pink toolbag, with pink tools. I figured it was the easiest way to keep my tools from wandering into the garage.
I also have a very simple, small metal toolbox. I made a quilted lining, which just sits loose in the bottom and folds over the top of the contents. I use it to hold sewing gadgets when I go away. (I have a whole sewing room, so I don't use a sewing box at home.)

Capital Junk said...

The leather tool bags are awesome! Finally a tool box that looks good and is still functional!