Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fabric Bins and Canvas Buckets

toile storage bin, cotton-canvas

Fabric storage bins can be both decorative and practical (in many situations); the lack of a lid makes it super easy to put things away in them. They come in so many patterns and sizes that there's something for everyone.

The bin above comes from Livette La Suissette; they come in three sizes and a number of patterns. You can also find them at YadaYada in Switzerland, and ABC Carpet & Home in the U.S.

small fabric storage bin with bird image

Over on Etsy, you can find this delightful small fabric storage bin at Bags of a Feather. The shop owner, Wendy, specializes in rare bird and parrot fabrics.

canvas buckets with feather images

Coral & Tusk has some interesting canvas buckets.

fabric bin holding yarn and knitting needles

Fluf makes “floor bins” which you can find at Land of Nod (and many other places). [via Apartment Therapy]

bread bag

Finally, the bread bags from Moln, available in four sizes, can certainly be used for more than just bread! [via From Europe]

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