Friday, June 21, 2013

Organizing the Dollhouse

Staples store ad

No matter what the Staples ad says, you probably aren't going to fit furniture into this shopping bag — as Consumerist points out.

Well, not the furniture you'll find at Staples, at any rate. But if you were furnishing a dollhouse, the furniture would fit just fine.

miniature file cabinets for dollhouse

There's no reason for dollhouse inhabitants to not be organized, so let's give them some furniture and home accessories to help with that. And since we're looking at an office supplies store, let's start with a miniature file cabinet from ELF Miniatures.

miniature oak desk for dollhouse

A desk with drawers might also be useful. This one comes from Bungalow Miniatures.

miniature coat rack for dollhouse

Now let's move on to furniture for other rooms. This coat tree comes from Bespaq and is sold by Mountain Miniatures. Update on July 25, 2015: I'm no longer finding this product.

miniature blanket chest, painted, for dollhouse

Bearly Big Enough has some interesting chests and cupboards, including this blanket chest. You can find them at Nancy's Dollhouses & Miniatures. Update on July 25, 2015: Nancy's website isn't working at the moment, but you can also find some Bearly Big Enough products at Norm's Dollhouse.

miniature sideboard for dollhouse

June Wright's work includes a nice selection of storage-related furniture, including this sideboard. You can find her work at Karen Cunningham Miniatures.

I'm quite taken with this vegetable cabinet by Silvia Cucchi, sold by Swan House Miniatures.

marquetry miniature furniture for dollhouse

And then there's this amazing piece from Chris Malcomson Miniatures; Chris specializes in marquetry. Prices are available on request.

Moving beyond the furniture, let's look at some furnishings. Starting in the office again, you can get a set of six manila folders from Dolly's Gallery.

miniature French ribbon board for dollhouse

At Dale's Dreams, you can find a number of miniature French ribbon boards.

miniature recycling bin and trash can for dollhouse

And, of course, as the dollhouse residents declutter, they'll be able to make use of this miniature recycling bin and trash can. Update on July 25, 2015: This product has sold, and it doesn't seem like the store is making them any more.

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Marcie Lovett said...

Jeri, this collection is amazing! I've had a dollhouse for years and I'm always fascinated by the things people make to put inside them. I must have the file cabinet and recycling bin! Very clever.

Rashelle said...

I just knew I'd love today's post after seeing the subject line! I had a dollhouse as a child and spent many hours rearranging furniture and creating my own items to put inside the house. The manila folders here are quite impressive!