Monday, June 17, 2013

Hooks to Make the Organizing Easy — and Attractive

wall-mounted coat rack in bright colors - small
wall-mounted coat rack in bright colors - large

There are about forty gazillion different kinds of wall hooks in the marketplace and they’re wonderful for everything from fashion accessories to bags, jackets, hats, dog leashes, gardening tools and so much more! — Monica Ricci

Let me point you to some of the most interesting of the 40 gazillion. Today I'm going to focus on the racks with multiple hooks or pegs; on another day we'll look at some of the single-hook options. The eye-catching one above is the Piet coat hanger from Presse Citron; you can choose either the Piet 1 or the Piet 3. Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., the only sites I've found selling this one are in Europe.

wall clothes rack - green

This colorful clothes rack, called Tattakki, also comes from Europe — from Gruppo Sintesi in Italy. But I did find a U.S. seller for this one! It comes in four different colors.

hooks on wood covered with mosaics made from paperhooks on wood covered with paper in mosaic pattern

These coat racks each have three hooks, but I chose some close-up photos so you can appreciate the design. These are made from reclaimed wood covered with handmade paper, and coated with several layers of polyurethane. The artist is Meg, her shop is Calyrew, and she's located in Wisconsin. She makes single hooks, too.

modular wood coat rack / peg system for the wall

And if you're into spending a lot of money on your coat rack, you can look at the modular options from Will Ullman of Portland, Oregon. [via Better Living Through Design]

anchor-shaped wall hooks

These anchor wall hooks remind me of my fellow organizer John Trosko, who loves all things nautical. This photo comes from a listing for two 5-hook boards, but there are other listings for single boards.

dinosaur - or similar creature - serving as a wall hook

Finally, I have to show you the Mantosaure!

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Louise said...

The Calyrew designs are gorgeous! Love all the colors.

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, I'm glad to hear you liked them, too!