Monday, February 11, 2013

Have a Heart: Magnets for Valentine's Day 2013

colorful felt heart-shaped magnets

Valentine's Day — or any day, really — is a good time to remember those we love. So here are some heart-shaped magnets for those who use refrigerator doors or magnetic boards as an organizing tool. Let's start with the wonderfully colorful heart-shaped magnets, made of felt, from Jessica Ramirez. Update on Jan. 29, 2013: Jessica's Etsy store no longer sells these magnets.

vintage-style heart-shaped magnet

Créations d'Antan has a number of vintage-style fabric hearts; each has a strong magnet on the back.

red and blue heart-shaped magnets with a dinosaur in the center of each

And there's something about these heart-shaped magnets with the dinosaur in the center that delights me.

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Tatiana said...

Dear Jeri,
thank you for the text about "my" vintage style hearts. It's very nice from you, and by the way, your blog is great and interesting.