Monday, February 25, 2013

Bike Stands for Bikes with no Kickstands

bike stand made of wood

Want to just stand your bike up in your garage, or elsewhere in your home? When I was a kid, my bike had a kickstand, so that was easy. But many bikes no longer come with kickstands — although it seems you might be able to add one. And you could try using something like the Upstand, which is sort of a removable kickstand — or the Click-Stand, a folding portable kickstand.

But there are also plenty of stands available to hold your bike in place. For example, you can get one from Racor, Art of Storage or Gear Up.

And if you want one that's eye-catching as well as functional, you can get that, too. The bike stand at the top of this post comes from Dale Pedals, and it's "made out of oak from recycled beams that used to belong to past century buildings." Update on April 21, 2015: I'm not longer finding this product.

bike stand made from plywood

The Renovo bike stand is made from birch plywood. It comes in two colors, cherry and black.

bike stand made of steel

Shadow, from Quarterre, is made from folded steel.

bike stand made from stone

And finally, there's the Milestone from Love One. It sells for 78,000 yen; that's about $829. [via Shoebox Dwelling and Moco Loco]

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