Friday, November 9, 2012

Stylish Storage: Rope Baskets

three hand-knitted rope baskets

Certain types of storage products seem to come into style, and then (sometimes) fade away. Something I'm seeing a number of places recently are hand-knitted rope baskets, like these from Nkuku in the U.K. If you're in Australia, you can find the same baskets at The Gift Corner. [via swiss miss]

rope basket

Rockett St George is another U.K. source for rope baskets.

rope basket, blue

In the U.S., Ferm Living is one place to shop for rope baskets.

three yellow rope baskets, different size

Land of Nod promotes its baskets as kids storage, but of course they could be used for many other purposes, too. [via swiss miss]

rope basket

And finally, for something a bit different, take a look at the great baskets from Find Your Happy, a design studio based in Orange, NSW, Australia

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