Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrating Local Stores and Handmade Products: Organizing Items Found at Cottage Industries

three stacking Shaker boxes

I live in the small city of Half Moon Bay, which has a charming downtown area. I was walking around with a friend a few days ago, and one of the shops we went into was Cottage Industries. I'm quite taken with much of the store's furniture and accessories, and I couldn't help but note that many of the products I saw were organizing-related.

So with the permission of the owner, I took photos of a few of them to share with you. First, let's admire the set of three Shaker boxes.

Shaker desk set

The same Shaker style is used in this desk set.

coat rack made of cherry wood

And then there's the cherry coat rack; like hooks, coat racks can provide an easier-than-hangers way to hang things up.

wood wine storage cabinet

Here's an eye-catching wine storage cabinet.

beautiful handmade jewelry box, wood

And finally, the store has quite a collection of lovely jewelry boxes.

Given the materials and workmanship, these items are not inexpensive — but they are also items that will be treasured for many years to come. And those of us not in the market can still enjoy their beauty.

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