Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pushpins and Thumbtacks Go Gorgeous (and Clever)

glass pushpins

I saw these decorative pushpins at a local open studio event this past weekend, and was reminded it's been long time since I last wrote about such products — so here's an update. Connie doesn't have any of her pushpins listed on her Etsy store right now, but if you wrote to her I'm sure she could arrange something. Connie noted that she's seen people use these to hang necklaces along a wall, and I can see how that would make a nice display.

sea glass pushpins

Sweet Virgil's Vintage has lovely pushpins made from sea glass, vintage buttons, and other interesting materials.

fabric-covered button pushpins

A number of folks make eye-catching fabric-covered button pushpins; one of them is Susan at Sweeter Lemon.

Hollie Lollie sells pushpins in two sizes; these are some of her large pushpins, "embellished with a button covered in pretty designer 100% cotton fabric."

fabric-covered thumbtacks with cats

Yum Yum Buttons has such a large selection of fabric-covered button thumbtackspenguins, Pac-Man, and so much more — that it was hard to pick just one to show you. [via modcatlove]

fabric-covered thumbtacks

Girl of All Work has four sets of fabric-covered thumbtacks; you can also find some of them at See Jane Work and Paper Source.

postal stamp pushpins

For something totally different, take a look at the postal stamp pushpins sold by Omoi Zakka.

sword pushpins

And finally, let's note the many novelty pushpins: the swords, the medieval weapons, the teeth and the Phillips-head screws. Many of these can be found at numerous online shops.

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